Sabudana dosa



Sabudana dosa

Sabudana dosa:

This Sabudana Dosa, an Indian breakfast recipe is one of my favorite breakfast recipes. It is easy to make, healthy and a great way to include sabudana in your diet. The only preparation needed is to soak the sabudana overnight. The Sabudana Dosa makes a light breakfast with good nutritive value.


Sabudana: 1 cup

Jowar flour: 1 cup

Ragi flour: ½ cup

Salt: as per taste

Jeera: 1 tsp

Buttermilk: ½ cup


  1. Soak the sabudana in the buttermilk, add more water if needed to properly soak the sabudana.
  2. Leave the sabudana to soak overnight.
  3. Add the jowar flour and mix properly.
  4. Now add the ragi flour little by little and see that the flour is completely dissolved in the mix.
  5. Then, add the jeera and salt.
  6. Now, mix well and pour the mix on the tawa like you do for the rava dosa.
  7. Your nutritious dosa is ready.
  8. You can find the peanut chutney in my Ponganalu recipe.


  1. Substitute the jowar flour and ragi flour with rice flour.
  2. Put the soaked sabudana in the fridge overnight to avoid oversoaking.
  3. Adjust the water to make the mix to a pouring consistency.
  4. Serve the dosa with coconut chutney or tomato chutney.

Recipe for coconut chutney:


Coconut pieces (fresh) : half cup

Green chillies: 4-5

Roasted chana dal: 1/4 cup

Jeera: 1 tsp

Tamarind: little piece

coriander/ mint/ curry leaves: handful


  1. Take a little oil in a pan and heat it.
  2. Add in the green chillies, after sometime, add in the fresh coconut pieces.
  3. Heat the coconut for 2-4 minutes just to take away the raw smell.
  4. Let it cool.
  5. After the mixture cools, blend it in a mixer with all the remaining ingredients till the chutney gains a smooth consistency.
  6. Add tempering to the chutney and serve.
  7. Adding tempering to the chutney: Take 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan and heat it. Add mustard seeds, jeera , chana dal, curry leaves and roast them for 2 min. Add this to the chutney to make it even more tastier.
  8. Skip this step ( I usually don’t add any tempering to my chutney’s,  I add in more coriander or curry leaves to improve the flavor) if you are a foodie with a healthy side to you.


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